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At Ambula Healthcare, one of our main company objectives includes creating technology that aids in the reduction of the increasing reports of physician burnout. Physician burnout is the body’s reaction to long-term stress and often results in symptoms such as depersonalization, emotional exhaustion, and even lessened feelings of personal achievement. With over 60% of today’s healthcare professionals reportedly facing this detrimental condition, it has quickly become recognized as an epidemic within the medical field. In today’s article, we will dive into the surrounding topics of the physician burnout phenomenon, and tackle how exactly Ambula is here to help. 

Causes of physician burnout 

To begin, it will be helpful to first unpack some of the main causes of physician burnout. Surprisingly, research has found that the largest contributor to this epidemic involves issues within the administrative, organizational, and systematic factors within the medical world, rather than the specific rigors that accompany the practice of medicine. One of such burdens includes the outdated technology meant to support evolving medical practices, such as EMRs and EHRs, that instead contribute to overwhelming and mentally taxing amounts of administrative, “inbox” work due to their difficult-to-use and dated natures. 

This administrative work leads to dissatisfaction among physicians, who as a result often feel their highly trained skills are being cast aside in exchange for mountainous amounts of data entry and documentation tasks. From diagnoses to patient histories, all the way to billing information, busy physicians are expected to keep track of mixed-value information while simultaneously treating a surplus of patients. EMRs and EHRs, which were created with the intention of reducing difficulties surrounding such administrative tasks, have instead left physicians frustrated due to their limiting formats, “buggy” software, and lack of adaptability. 

Effects of physician burnout 

So, now that it has been established that the main causes surrounding physician burnout are rarely related to the physical practice of medicine itself, but rather the aftermath of such practices, we should discuss the consequences of this healthcare-focused epidemic. 

Depersonalization (one of the main symptoms of physician burnout) in relation to the practice of medicine can result in a reduction of a physician’s empathy or an increase in a physician’s negativity towards their own patients. This can undoubtedly lead to tension between practitioners and patients, which can leave patients feeling uneasy, unsupported and untrusting of doctors. Moreover, the emotional exhaustion and decreased self-motivated appreciation that accompanies this burnout have the ability to lead to mistakes in practice due to their distracting mental toll. 

In conclusion, physician burnout is undeniably one of the most important issues in healthcare that should be addressed and reduced. If not, the effects of this epidemic can wreak havoc on physicians and patients alike, reducing the quality of care one receives. 

Preventing burnout with Ambula  

Now that the causes and effects of physician burnout have been established, we will now dive into some preventative measures one can take to protect themselves or their practice against this menacing phenomenon. 

One such measure includes reducing administrative burdens and refining technological solutions, both of which can be accomplished using Ambula’s innovative systems. Ambula will create a powerful foundation by which to structure and organize one’s practice. But what is it specifically that is so innovative, user-friendly, and modern about Ambula? Well, unlike other health information technologies that are rigid, difficult to integrate, and rarely user-friendly, Ambula’s user-friendly form builder and unique workflow-customization feature allow for the smooth consolidation and sharing of information among members of medical practice. 

With a proper systemic outline, physicians will no longer struggle to balance their practical actions and their administrative ones. All of a physician’s focus can be kept on the patients themselves, leading to safer and more efficient care. Ambula is here to help care for the well-being of healthcare professionals, as health practitioners are more likely to result in healthy patients.

To learn more about how Ambula EMR can help streamline your practice and prevent physician burnout, feel free to contact the Ambula Healthcare team at (818) 308-4108!

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