• The effects of inflation on the medical industry  
  • The cost-effective nature of ASCs
  • Keeping an ASC inflation-resilient 

The unfortunate reality of inflation, or the increase in prices over time, is that no aspect of life and its functional societies are immune to its effects. This includes that of the endlessly-essential medical industry, which in time must also give into the menacing influences of inflation. 

The effects of inflation on the medical industry

But what exactly does this ominous influence entail for the future of healthcare? Well, if inflation means the cost of healthcare, which is already substantial without any outside influences, will increase, then it is safe to assume that as with most things increasing in price, proper healthcare will subsequently become less affordable and accessible. Every aspect of healthcare, from pharmaceutical access to emergency treatments, and all the way to essential surgical services, are at risk of inflation. Even worse is the labor shortages within the healthcare industry that solidify the effects that inflation can have on affordable healthcare access and practices. 


The cost-effective nature of ASCs 

So, what, if anything, can be done to mitigate the perfect storm conditions exhibited by these financially treacherous factors? This is where ASCs (Ambulatory Surgical Centers) come in to track the storm. As a refresher, ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) are healthcare facilities in which medical procedures that do not require an overnight patient stay take place. ASCs are either freestanding medical facilities or part of larger healthcare organizations. These centers offer patients several advantages over traditional hospital-based surgical procedures, including shorter wait times, lower costs, and smaller chances of infectious disease exposure. 

The affordable, effective, and high-value nature of ASCs provides some immunity for healthcare providers associated with them, and therefore recipients of their healthcare. This high-value nature comes from the fact that the demand for services provided by ASCs does not decrease, as quality medical procedures will always be an essential purchase regardless of the strength of the dollar. In turn, ASCs are seemingly one of the few aspects of medicine that can stand their ground against the detrimental effects of inflation, both for providers and consumers. 


Keeping an ASC inflation-resilient 

Now that the importance of ASCs in an inflated economy has been established, it will be especially helpful to explore the avenues one may take in order to keep their ASC resilient to the suffocating grasp of inflation. Some of such avenues include implementing the most efficient, accurate, and affordable management systems, such as Ambula’s ASC-focused EMR options. Doing this will reduce human errors and save a practice the unnecessary costs that accompany such errors. Moreover, the proper EMR will streamline the workflow of an ASC, thus in turn saving physicians from administrative burnout and patients from poor-quality care. A smooth-running and reputable ASC will always be one that is more resilient than its counterparts. Saving hours per employee compounds day over day, and as a result, you will operate a resilient ASC that can beat inflation. 

To learn more about how Ambula’s affordable EMR can help keep your ASC inflation-resilient, feel free to contact the Ambula Healthcare team at (818) 308-4108! 

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