How much is an EMR system for ASCs


  • What is ASC?
  • Why do most surgery centers don’t use EMRs?
  • What is the cost of not using an EMR?
  • Costs of an EMR
  • Cost categories

How much is an EMR system for ASCs?

How much is an EMR system for ASCs? The answer is not so quick. However, EMR systems for ASCs costs are worth your time. Despite their many issues, many ASCs don’t use EMRs and prefer paper charts. Paper-based issues might include missing paper charts, missing signatures, and lack of efficiency. However, there’s a solution that will support you in implementing EMRs without excessive costs. Stay tuned!

What is ASC?

Before we answer your question how much is an EMR system for ASCs? First things first, What is ASC? ASC stands for Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Briefly, an ASC is a same-day center for surgeries. These specialized medical facilities offer outpatient surgical care. This means each patient can go home on the same day they receive surgery without being admitted to a hospital. The benefits of ASC include the following:

1- Better costs: no more overnight stays at the hospitals.

2- Advanced care and faster procedures: everything is done within one day.

3- Fewer complications: less post-surgical pain and fewer rates of infections.

4- Fewer stress: ASCs are calmer than hospitals.

5- Community-centered: ASCs serve their community by offering affordable services. These are patient-centered with staff more focused on individual needs.

6- Enhanced quality of care: highest quality of care and patient safety comes first.

Why do most surgery centers don’t use EMRs?

Despite their advancement, Why do most surgery centers don’t use EMRs? EMRs or electronic medical records are the digital holistic version of a patient’s history and medical charts. Obviously, they are the perfect solution for the contemporary medical system implemented in ASCs. However, most surgery centers don’t use them and there are several reasons for that:

1- Cost of maintenance and set-up: this includes the physical hardware and software, costs for setup, training. In addition to maintenance, IT support, and system updates.

2- Productivity: studies have shown a decrease in doctors’ productivity with the implementation of EMRs. (With Ambula productivity increases)

3- Documentation

delays: the increase in a load of documentation exceeds the load in paperwork.

4- E-messaging among providers: fewer phone conversations and face-to-face interactions.

5- Absence of accountability for the continuous update need: every EMR task requires updating.

There may be some valid reasons why an ASC might not use an EMR; that is why at Ambula we have made sure to address all those issues to improve the experience and simplify the workflow. Learn more about that here.

What is the cost of not using an EMR?

Most importantly, What is the cost of not using an EMR? Or How much is an EMR system for ASCs?

 EMR costs are divided between software acquisition costs and hardware acquisition.

Acquisition costs: to implement ASC emr software, you have two initial options for acquisition. A license or a service model. When you choose the license model, your ASC can own the software. Also, you can pay a big upfront fee with annual support to remain updated. When you choose a service model, your ASC leases or rents the software. This is done while paying less as an upfront fee and recurring monthly payment.

Hardware acquisition: you can self-host your EMR hardware or depend on a service model. With the service model, you only need a good internet connection. Whereas self-hosting requires the purchase of tablets, workstations, servers. As well as scanners and a wireless network.

An essential requirement for ASC EMR

One key requirement for ASC EMR is compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations. This means that the software must maintain the privacy and security of patient health information (PHI) and ensure that only authorized personnel can access it.

Other important requirements for ASC EMR include:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizability
  • Integration with other systems
  • Clinical decision support
  • Data analytics

EMR Pricing

The subject of the costs of an EMR or How much an EMR system is for ASCs is a bit complicated. In fact, it can take you up to hours to find the right leads. But we constructed a simple guide to help you figure things out quickly. You won’t be able to find what medical software providers charge online. Additionally, so many factors play a role in affecting pricing:

1-    Do you want to integrate practice management applications with EMRs? For example, billing and scheduling?

2-    Who will access the systems and how many of them are there?

3-    What is the number of daily patients?

4-    Do you need some help with setup and training?

5-    Is it your first time buying EMR software?

Cost categories

Gently, we remind you that EMRs are worth it. How much is an EMR system for ASCs? Is nothing compared to the benefits? Keep that in mind, and let’s introduce you to the cost categories:

  •     Staff and physician time: also known as practice and training time.
  •     The actual training
  •     The office infrastructure: this is where you invest money to buy cables, furniture, power panels, etc.
  •     Hardware: including new printers and computers.
  •     Software: you will need EMR software licenses, which differ with each EMR system solution.

Normally, vendors might claim a payment between 30,000$ and 50,000$ for EMRs. But we beat these prices at Ambula. The costs that we offer you are simpler and more affordable. The future of healthcare is here! Don’t miss out. We don’t only help you plan the perfect EMR solution, we also help you solve the most complicated problems EMRs face today. 

To sum up, ASCs and EMRs go hand in hand. However, some might find the implementation of EMRs costly. The good news is it doesn’t have to break your will. You can find the best solution for you at Ambula Healthcare. At Ambula, we will investigate your needs and tailor a fit EMR plan just for you!

If you still can’t get enough EMR knowledge, call the Ambula healthcare team to get all the necessary information: (818) 308-4108! Check out now, how to reduce human errors in ASCs!

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