Efficient Patient Intake with Digital Forms

Streamline the patient intake process and eliminate the clipboard. Allow patient’s to fill up their forms and consent before their visit.

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EMR for today’s era of practices

Ambula offers powerful self-serve tools that allow you to create your own EMR experience that integrated with your workflow

Streamlined Patient Information Collection

Ditch the clipboard and say hello to simplified patient digital intake. Allow patients to fill up all the necessary forms ahead of time securely, and easily

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Improved Data Accuracy

Be sure that they have accurate and up-to-date information about your patients.

Eliminate the potential for manual errors and ensure that all information is entered in a consistent and standardized format.

Better Patient Experience

Patients can complete forms in the comfort of their own homes or at the office, reducing the need for additional visits.

Improve the patient experience and help to build trust in the healthcare professional, creating a stronger patient-provider relationship.

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Create Custom Forms to Fit Your Needs

Design custom forms with specific questions and fields to meet the unique needs of your practice.

Personalize your data collection process and improve patient engagement with customizable digital forms.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Digital form intake is the process of using digital forms to collect customer information and data. This includes online forms, mobile forms, and other forms of digital collection technology.

Digital form intake helps to streamline the process of collecting customer information and data, making it easier to store and manage. It also helps to reduce paperwork and save time.

There are many types of digital form intake available, including online forms, mobile forms, and other forms of digital collection technology such as esignature tools.

Digital form intake is generally very secure, as it uses encryption and other security measures to protect customer information.

Digital form intake offers several benefits, including increased efficiency, improved accuracy, reduced paperwork, and cost savings.

To get started with digital form intake, you will need to select the type of technology that best suits your

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