Simple, transparent EMR pricing 

We believe healthcare digital tools should be accessible to all healthcare practices, no matter the size. 

Independent Practice  


per month/provider

EMR & Practice Management for offices


Everything you need for your practice

  • Scheduling
  • Office Charting
  • Reporting & insights
  • Workflow management

  • Web portals for lawyers

Ambulatory Surgery Center


per month/O.R.

EMR & Practice Management for ASCs


Perfect for physician owned ASCs

  • Scheduling
  • ASC Charting
  • ASC Reporting & insights

  • ASC Workflow management

  • Web portals for lawyers

Enterprise plan

Call us

Advanced features + custom solutions


Management companies & large ASCs

  • Manage multiple ASCs/Branches

  • Customized workflows
  • Unlimited individual users
  • Advanced reporting & analytics
  • Personalized account manager

What’s included?

Cloud-based HIPPA Compliant Systems

Additional users to EMR icona

Additional account licenses with permissions & roles

Surgery center ASC EMR connect to office Icon

ASC + Office Integration to simplify data sharing

EMR Support

World-class support for all customers no matter of size

All features


  • Calendar & online scheduling

  • Appointment reminders (Email + SMS)

  • Digital form intake

  • Patient self-booking
  • E-fax


  • Electronic medical record

  • Form/patient chart builder

  • Patient office charting

  • Patient ASC charting

  • Asynchronous charting

  • Digital consents

  • Anesthesia Record

  • Workflow customizations (multi-specialty)

  • Task management

  • Dictation


  • Report builder

  • Schedule reports

  • Demographic reports

  • Case reports

  • Customizable reports

  • Digital consents

  • Anesthesia Record

  • Workflow customizations (multi-specialty)

  • Task management

Billing (Coming soon)

  • Send/Recieve CMS 1500 Claims

  • Send/Recieve UB04 Claims

  • Claim scrubbing

  • Claim management

  • Auto-generate claims

  • Customize reports and insights

  • Task management

  • Workflow customizations (multi-specialty)

  • Auto-sync data from EMR

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Do you have a lawyer portal?2022-11-15T01:51:48+00:00

Yes, Ambula provides a lawyer portal that gives you control over what forms to send and to who. You can provide digital forms, consent forms, attachments, and more.

Is Ambula EMR HIPAA compliant & secure?2022-11-11T23:36:02+00:00

Yes, it is! We take security and patient data very seriously. Our platform is encrypted & secured leveraging the most modern technologies.

Can you migrate my data over?2022-08-30T15:32:36+00:00

If your data is digital or scanned documents, we can migrate it. We are able to work with your current EMR or EHR vendor and migrate your data over (free of cost) to Ambula’s EMR platform. If you’re unsure about how your data is structured, give our team a call, we can help.

How much does Ambula EMR cost?2023-03-16T19:12:42+00:00

Ambula EMR is $199 per provider per month. This gives providers & their teams access to all the digital tools they need to run their surgery center or practice. If you would like to get more personalized pricing, reach out!

How long does it take to implement Ambula EMR?2022-08-29T22:46:38+00:00

Getting started to use Ambula EMR is as quick as 10 minutes! We can help build your forms, workflows, and all the support you need to get you away from paper charts into the digital age of healthcare.

Is there a free EMR trial available?2022-08-29T22:40:29+00:00

Yes! We have a 14-day free trial that we can offer. Reach out to our team to get you started.

Yes, you may negotiate the cost of EMR software. Just click on Let’s Make a Deal at the top of the page and talk to a representative. 

There are no hidden fees associated. There may be fees for additional services like data migration, custom APIs, and so forth.

Talk to one of our representatives and see if you could qualify for a free EMR.
The pricing will be per provider if you are an office-based practice and per OR if you are an ambulatory surgery center. See details above.

An EMR should be an investment in your practice or surgery center. It helps streamline your workflows and improve patient care. So yes, finding the right EMR like Ambula Health is worth the cost.

EMR Specialist

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