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Tasks that take hours with EMRs take minutes with Ambula

Ambula helps practices & surgery centers streamline & automate their workflow.

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Legacy EMR systems slowing you down?

Going digital doesn’t mean scanning your paper charts into an EMR system.

Ambula goes beyond to save you 2 hours a day across everything that needs to be done at your surgery center & practice.

Patient Experience

Elevate your practice with self-serve patient scheduling, appointment reminders, digital intake, and more.

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EMR Charting

Experience charting like never before with our chart builder, form builder, and workflow builder.

Data & Insights for EMR Icons

Practice Management

Take control of your practice & surgery center with reports, task management, and various automation tools.

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Billing & Payments

Get paid faster and efficiently by automating claims, patient payments, billing reports, and more.

Go beyond traditional EMR software

The best EMR for small practices & surgery centers is one that manages it all.

Improve your patient experience

Enhance your patient experience with modern tools they expect your practice to have.

  • Allow patients to schedule themseleves
  • Send automatic appointment reminders

  • Send digital intake forms to patients that sync with our EMR software

  • Send automatic appointment reminders

Patient Engagement Software
Physician Using EMR System

Improve your charting workflow

Build your own charts and workflows for each case, patient, surgeon, and more!

  • Create custom workflows and forms based on your center

  • Automate charting by leveraging data from EMR

  • Create a personalized charting experience 

  • Low-cost, affordable EMR system for small private practices

Practice Management

Leverage the power of data from your EMR program to get a deep understanding of your practice and patients like you have never seen before.

  • Filter, export, and drill down on the data quickly

  • Save reports and monitor your key metrics for your surgery center & practice

  • Create custom reports to get a deep dive on patients population health & your practice

  • Manage & assign tasks to employees to make sure nothing is missed
Physicians using EMR Systems and Reporting.
Man using Ambula EMR Billing and payments

Billing & Payments

Send claims and get payments with ease using our integrated billing platform.

  • Send & manage your claims for the ASC and office all in one place

  • Get insights on payments, AR, and more with billing reports

  • Connect with the EMR system to reduce data entry and automate the claims workflow

Trusted by leading ASCs & Private Practices

We have been using Ambula EMR for over a year now and are very happy with the software. We use it as the EHR for the surgery center. It works great and fulfills our charting/EHR needs. The software is intuitive and easy to use/user friendly. The support team is great.

Dr. Patel, Business Owner

We have been using ambula EMR for 2 years Overall good product. easy to use with good customer support, when any issues come up or we are confused about how to do anything. It has mandatory fields to make sure both staff and patients do not miss any field absolutely necessary

Flore, Medical Practice Employee
Ambula EMR consent forms

Manage consent forms

Allow patients to sign their consent forms digitally from home or in the center.

Ambula EMR anesthesia software

ASC anesthesia software

Document your anesthesia forms from the platform with a familiar interface.

Ambula Audit EMR Systems

Audit your clinical data

Get informed on what’s done and what needs to be addressed.

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Sandy Reiff

EHR technology platform expert

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Simplify your ASC workflow

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

EMR stands for electronic medical records. It is made to manage and store patient information digitally in a structured way.

An EMR electronic medical record allows medical offices and ambulatory surgical centers to store their patient information digitally. They are mostly used to manage patient documentation and scheduling. EMRs can be connected with other platforms like inventory, billing systems, and practice management. Ambula EMR is built for surgery centers

Most hospitals and doctor’s offices use EMRs for their digital documentation (as required by law). Smart ASCs use EMRs to improve their workflows and modernize their practice.

EMRs are important because they can store patient information in a structured way that makes it easy to access and use for insights.

Yes, EMRs store patient information digitally. They can store patient medical history, medication history, allergies, and other critical data that are related to patient care.

EMR training can vary between systems and can take any time between hours to days. Ambula EMR is built with ease in mind so training takes 15 minutes.

EHRs (Electronic Health Records) and EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) are very similar but the main difference is that EHRs connect with other patient management systems. EMRs are focused on managing patient information within a single medical practice. EHRs are often used in large medical organizations like hospitals while EMRs are used for doctor’s offices and ambulatory surgical centers.

EMRs have tremendously changed healthcare by allowing healthcare professionals to manage and document patient information digitally. There has been a recent stigma with EMRs causing physician burnout and more issues than help. Though with technological advances EMRs like Ambula EMR have improved to assist the day-to-day at surgery centers.

EMRs can work in an ambulance if they are cloud-based or don’t require any internet. If the ambulance uses has the internet in the vehicle then most cloud-based EMRs should work.

There are many benefits of an EMR, the main one for Ambula EMR is to streamline workflow and make things efficient work ASCs. For most physicians and healthcare organizations, EMRs offer a digital way to manage their practice.

Office EMRs are different than surgery center EMRs in various ways. The office EMR is focused mostly on note-taking and adding information to a patient’s profile. Surgery center EMRs are more focused on workflow and often have required specific features most office EMRs don’t have.

Simple, being able to store documents digitally in a structured way make it easy to gather information, document it, and get insights. Plus, who can read people’s handwriting these days?

EMR Specialist

Still have questions?

Ambula provides the best EMR for private practices and surgery centers, making it among one of the top EMR systems in the industry.

If you’re wondering about our EMR software costs, or how Ambula’s workflow EMR technology works… reach out!

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