Does EMR system help secure patients information?


  • What are EMR systems’ advantages?
  • How EMRs benefit clinics:
  • Why is keeping patient info secure important?
  • What is the role of EMR with patient info security?
  • The security measures when you buy your EMR system

Probably, you’ve asked, does the EMR system help secure patients’ information with the popularity of EMR growing? Also, you already know how EMR is replacing paper records for good reasons too. Because with EMR you can save time, reduce costs and improve the medical care quality. But like all online systems, some safety precautions are necessary to make sure your data is safe.

Although paper records are sensitive and prone to lose and theft, we still question EMRs. Don’t panic! Here’s the good news. EMRs are safe when you apply adequate precautions. Yet, some threats are out there. When you know better, you do better and that’s why we present what you need to learn.

What are EMR systems’ advantages?

We will answer your question, does EMR system help secure patients’ information, right after we introduce you to the EMR systems advantages. Firstly, let’s discuss the EMR systems advantages between patients and clinics. Secondly, keep in mind that stating these will help you understand EMR better. You’ll be able to make the proper links with possible security threats and measures.

How EMRs benefit patients:

1- Fewer mistakes within medical records

2- Quicker care and assessment for medical professionals.

3- Results and data tracking in time

4- Better treatment, health diagnosis, and quality of care

5- Identification of patients who have screenings and preventive visits

6- Enhanced security and privacy of patient information

7- Minimization of patient mistakes and improvement of patient care

8- Enabling decisions based on evidence at the point of care

9- Following-up data after visits like reminders for other follow-up care, self-care instructions, and links to web resources

10- Accessing for patients to their records in order to view meds and maintain the lifestyle changes to improve health

How EMRs benefit clinics:

1- Saving space by getting rid of paper records that need storage management and recovery

2- Optimization of increased patients’ numbers per day and workflow

3- Reduction of operational costs and administrative difficulties

Other benefits of EMRs for clinics include reminders and alerts, scalability and tracking of electronic messages, etc.

 Why is keeping patient info secure important?

Before we answer, does EMR system help secure patients’ information, check out the importance of keeping patient info secure. Initially, it is a wise choice you make when you buy an EMR system. 

Why? Because most EMR systems have very strong features when it comes to security. So, they protect the privacy of patients and stop data breaches. When you resist adopting EMR, you endanger your patients’ privacy. Also, you will find yourself violating HIPPA regulations.  

What is HIPAA? Gentle reminder! HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. By definition, HIPPA protects sensitive information regarding patients’ health. But you might wonder why it is essential to keep patient information secure. The confidentiality of patients’ data is very important to build trust between them and medical providers. If patients trust you, they will offer more health information. Moreover, patients will report symptoms with honesty when you explain the confidentiality rules and take your privacy rules seriously.

 In case you are wondering what are the best practices for patient information security, there you go:

Ensure respect for HIPPA rules

Maintain a secure backup at an offsite location

Put the proper controls in place

Encrypt all info in transit and at rest

Conduct assessments of risk regularly

 What is the role of EMR in patient info security?

We answered your inquiry: does the EMR system help secure patients’ information? Now, what is left is clarifying the EMR role regarding data security. But before that, let’s take a look at which information takes part in the patient record:

1-     Surgical history

2-     Medical encounters

3-     Demographics

4-     Developmental history

5-     Immunization records

6-     Habits

7-     Social History

8-     Family history

9-     Medical allergies and medications

10-  Obstetric history

11-  Test results

12-  Progress notes

13-  Prescriptions and orders

14-  Plan and assessment

15-  Physical examination

16-  Chief complaint

17-  History of the present illness

 How EMRs help with securing patients’ information? EMRs’ structure ensures that medical charts are accurate and complete. Plus, EMRs alert you to any incomplete, missing, or possible not-so-accurate charts. Naturally, EMRs record in real-time, making data instantly available to designated users with security. With EMRs, you can share medical notes and improve workflow.

Therefore, cybersecurity is very important. According to HIPPA’s Security Rule of 2003, there are standards for protecting the confidentiality of your patients. Truth is, EMRs follow providing safeguards, whether physical, administrative, or technological. So your patient information is secure. Now that you know what HIPAA stands for, you’ll feel more secure with your EMR.

 The security measures when you buy your EMR system

Data loss and cyber crimes have bad consequences in healthcare more than any other practice. for It’s a question of life and death. How can you choose the EMR system with the best security measures? Protect yourself financially, legally, and reputationally by choosing EMRs with:

  •   HIPPA and HITECH compliance: both are baseline standards for security.
  •  Audit trail with critical clues: this discourages fraudulent activities like hacking.
  • Updated data centers: protecting data against physical and cyber threats is important.
  • Access to real-time experts: they’ll help with anything that threatens security and spare you the trouble of worrying about serious problems.

 Finally, you get the big picture. Security is more than important in healthcare; EMRs help you remain protected when choosing wisely. Besides, you can’t achieve wisdom without knowledge, and we’re here to back you up!

 For more information about EMR security, call the Ambula Healthcare team: (818) 308-4108! And now How does EMR affect health care as a whole?

Published On: February 4th, 2022Categories: Healthcare EMR Software

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