• What is patient satisfaction?
  • why is patient satisfaction important
  • How patient experience indicates quality
  • Tips for improving patient satisfaction
  • Creative ways to increase patient satisfaction

Caring is asking how to improve patient satisfaction. In fact, how to improve patient satisfaction in healthcare is a top priority for the healthcare system. Sometimes, improving patient satisfaction aims for outcomes but we see it as a balance measure. Without further ado, here are the keys for improving patient satisfaction:

1- Making use of patient satisfaction as a balance measure.

2- Evaluating care teams entirely instead of individual providers.

3- Using analytics in healthcare as a way to act on data and understand it.

4- Leveraging innovative technology.

5- Improving the engagement of the employee.

What is patient satisfaction?

First, What is patient satisfaction? Although how to improve patient satisfaction is in the scientific field, this measure is subjective. It relates to assessing if the healthcare service meets the patient’s expectations.

However, great care experience and great healthcare don’t always align. Therefore, leading to a contradicted outcome. In fact, organizational dysfunction and resource constraints sometimes stand as an obstacle to the end result. Additionally, profound financial implications play a role in this measure. To sum it up, 9 key subjects are in question:

  • Communicating with physicians
  • Connecting with nurses
  • Responsiveness of the staff within the hospital
  • Pain management
  • Discussion about medicines
  • Discharge data
  • Environmental cleanliness of the hospital
  • How quiet is the hospital
  • Care transitions

why is patient satisfaction important

You previously discovered what happened to meaningful use? And now why is patient satisfaction important starts with differentiation between patient satisfaction and patient experience? Interchangeably, in how to improve patient satisfaction and experience two terms are used. But while two patients can have the same experience, their level of satisfaction differs if they have different expectations.

Naturally, patient satisfaction matters. Undoubtedly, a happy patient will stay loyal. Moreover, happy patients drive more patients. Additionally, patient satisfaction influences clinical outcomes. For example, a satisfied patient trusts their doctor and receives more effective treatment.

How patient experience indicates quality

Third, we discuss How patient experience indicates quality. According to regulatory agencies, patient experience directly influences the quality of care. Basically, reporting patient satisfaction is crucial for reimbursement.

However, we know qualitative and quantitative factors motivate organizations to make patient satisfaction a priority. Yet, a lot are still skeptical.

The link between the quality of care and patient satisfaction

Thus we ask, what is the link between the quality of care and patient satisfaction? Accordingly, the answer is examining some repeated concerns:

  1. The prioritization of care coordination besides patient engagement can satisfy patients and bring better outcomes
  2. Understanding the impacts of new care delivery models can affect outcomes and patient experiences
  3. Developing strong measurement initiatives with actionable and timely information facilitates organizational change
  4. Improving collecting data ways and procedures provides accurate and fair evaluations of individual providers.

Tips for improving patient satisfaction

There are several Tips for improving patient satisfaction. Initially, obtaining a maximal patient experience is the way for increasing patient satisfaction ratings. In short, we can summarize factors that improve the patient experience to three:

  • Training nurses and doctors in more efficient communication strategies
  • Ensuring convenient nurse staffing
  • Improving care coordination

Creative ways to increase patient satisfaction

Ultimately, you need Creative ways to increase patient satisfaction. Already, we’ve established how patient experience is directly linked to delivering high-quality care. Still, 5 recommendations are key to enhancing healthcare patient experiences. Here are some creative ways to increase patient satisfaction:

Making practices appear engaging: before actually meeting you, patients construct opinions about your practice. First off, it starts with your website. Here, visitors make their first impression of you. Therefore, try to engage your users with interactive tools. For example, ways to schedule appointments and contact your staff.
Respecting the patients: ultimately, your patient is human and they need attention. When they first arrive till they leave, provide perfect service.
Improving the connection with patients: to start with, answer the phone with enthusiasm and engagement. Accordingly, try to avoid saying no even when you can’t answer fully. Don’t forget that eye contact is a must along with a smile. Be comforting and reassuring if the patient looks restless.
Be fast when returning and answering phone calls: avoid keeping patients waiting for more than 30 seconds. Also, avoid constantly transferring phone calls from a member of the staff to the other.

Firmly return emails and phone calls within a normalized time frame. Finally, let your patients know how much time they are probably going to wait for a scheduled appointment.

Make the billing process simple: this will assist your patients in paying their bills fully. Not only that, they will as well recommend and return the practice to their friends and family.
Pave the way for feedback: having a bad experience is not the worst. The worst is not being able to talk about it.
Try to be accessible as much as possible: patients like to communicate with their doctors between appointments directly.

To conclude, patient satisfaction brings you better outcomes. It measures the quality of care you provide. In order for you to keep your patients loyal and bring new ones, follow our basic and creative ways.

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