OneTouch EMR Review

History of the Company

OneTouch EMR was established to revolutionize healthcare by providing user-friendly software for clinical practitioners. The corporation, renowned for its intense focus on usability, simplicity, and speed, has developed its proprietary software-based electronic medical records (EMR) system.

OneTouch EMR
OneTouch software

Features Overview

OneTouch EMR software provides various beneficial features to its users. The most remarkable among them is its graphical user interface, which makes the software system highly user-friendly. It integrates seamlessly with practice management tools, effectively assisting in internal medicine, family medicine, and other specialties.

The software designed for mobile devices running on different operating systems enables healthcare professionals to quickly navigate through patient charts and write free text for a complete patient summary.

With Integrated voice recognition software, health providers can dictate patient notes and documentation. This technology understanding medical terminologies which cuts down the need for typing and enhances efficiency.

OneTouch EMR software is optimized for use on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This aids in faster documentation and note creation while on the go.

The software includes an integrated fax capability, eliminating the need for physical fax machines and helping practices to go paperless.

This feature aids in improved and efficient prescription management, facilitating the electronic sending of prescriptions from the point of care to pharmacies. It allows for better tracking and limiting errors associated with paper prescriptions.

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OneTouch EMR software includes an automatic schedule reminder for the next day’s patient schedule. This helps in improving appointment adherence and practice efficiency.


  • OneTouch EMR software system has several strengths. it’s user-friendly and it offers a free setup assistance. Its customer support functionality rating is high, boasting of a reliable support staff reachable through online chat, tutorial videos, phone calls, and other support channels. Outstanding labs are electronically managed, and touch EMR reviews indicate that users find provided example patients and instructional videos particularly helpful.


  • However, there are a few limitations of the software. According to some reviews, support could be more responsive, and the setup phase might require one to find their own fixes. Though the software offers free text and paste templates, some users found it difficult to adjust the note’s date.

Room for Improvement?

Lastly, while OneTouch EMR is praised for its customizable templates, this feature could have greater flexibility. Customizability is a key asset in any EMR solution due to various medical specialties’ diverse needs and workflows. Users have pointed out that the ability to tailor templates to their unique needs further would greatly enhance their productivity, reduce redundancies, and ultimately improve patient care. Developing this feature further, perhaps through user feedback or more specialized design, could improve the overall efficiency and user-friendliness of the software.

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Overall, OneTouch EMR software offers a comprehensive, versatile, and user-friendly solution for medical professionals, particularly in family and internal medicine practices. Whether you’re looking to minimize paperwork, improve patient care, streamline billing solutions, or all of the above, OneTouch EMR’s cloud-based system is a capable companion. It’s not perfect and has a few areas that could be improved. However, it’s a promising tool worth considering for your practice. Lastly, OneTouch EMR offers support to make your transition to a likely better organized, low-overhead office smoother. This includes instructional videos, an orientation video, and customer support through various channels, all designed to make your use of the proprietary software-based system as smooth as possible.