PrognoCIS EHR Review

History of the Company

Bizmatics Inc., the driving force behind PrognoCIS EHR Software, has been at the forefront of healthcare IT solutions since 2001. With roots in California’s Silicon Valley, the company is committed to catering to the specialized needs of small practice clinics and large group physician practices alike. This dedication has led to the evolution of PrognoCIS as a reliable and reputable EHR software solution for clinics of varying sizes and specialties.

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Features Overview

At the core of PrognoCIS EHR is its user-friendly interface, smooth navigation, and comprehensive encounter notes. This healthcare IT solution includes powerful customization tools and specialty-specific templates that help clinics easily customize their workflows.

Swiftly integrating lab results, PrognoCIS EHR Software uses bi-directional lab interfaces to add critical data to patients’ electronic records. This streamlined process benefits both healthcare providers and patients by providing quick access to vital information.

PrognoCIS EHR supports e-signature features, allowing healthcare providers to sign documents electronically. Moreover, the software enables the seamless transfer of e-prescriptions directly to the patient’s preferred pharmacy, reducing errors and enhancing patient satisfaction, convenience, and safety.

With PrognoCIS EHR’s advanced Revenue Cycle Management Services, clinics can efficiently handle insurance claims and track the entire revenue cycle, from appointment scheduling to final payment. This management system helps maintain healthy cash flow and reduces administrative workload.

PrognoCIS EHR offers extensive customization tools and templates, enabling healthcare providers to create personalized workflows tailored to their unique needs. The software’s template database caters to various physician practices, streamlining daily operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Despite PrognoCIS EHR being designed to work with only a select few operating systems, the software performs consistently and dependably on the platforms it supports. As a result, users can expect seamless integration of PrognoCIS EHR into their existing technology infrastructure, leading to efficient management of workflows within their clinics. Although the limited operating system compatibility might be a constraint for some users, those using supported platforms will benefit from the software’s capability to interact smoothly with other systems, enhancing overall productivity and user experience.


  • Customization: The software is designed with user-friendly interfaces and customizable options, allowing easy integration into existing workflows.

  • Comprehensive Clinical Support: iKnowMed EHR offers a vast array of resources, including up-to-date treatment regimens, clinical guidelines, and pathways for decision-making at the point of care.

  • Accessibility: The iKnowMed Generation 2 platform is compatible with iOS devices, granting providers cloud-based and secure access to patient charts and appointments even when away from the office.


  • Learning Curve: Some customers have reported that mastering the software may be initially challenging, especially for users with limited technical expertise. However, the software’s ease of use tends to improve with familiarity.

  • Customer Support: While McKesson Specialty Health provides customer support functionality, feedback regarding the responsiveness and quality of the support have been varied.


PrognoCIS pricing varies depending on the specific needs of each clinic or physician practice. According to third-party sources and user reviews, the software’s cost ranges from $250 to $350 per provider per month, with a one-time setup fee that may fluctuate based on implementation and training requirements. Requesting a quote through the PrognoCIS website is best to obtain a precise pricing estimate.

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PrognoCIS EHR Software is a versatile and comprehensive healthcare IT solution that caters to various clinics and physician practices. With a history rooted in innovation, coupled with valuable features and customization options, PrognoCIS is a practical choice for those looking to improve their current workflows. Potential users can explore the software through a demo or obtain a quote to understand its suitability for their practice better. However, it’s important to consider the software’s limitations, such as pricing information availability and operating system compatibility.