Streamline your cases with Ambula’s Lawyer Portal

Ambula’s lawyer portal feature is designed to save med-legal professionals time and effort when working with medical records. Saving them 2 hours a day on document management, reporting and more.

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Provide access to lawyers & case managers

Ambula’s lawyer portal feature provides secure access for legal professionals to review and manage their clients’ electronic medical records. With role-based permissions, lawyers can view only the information they need, ensuring that sensitive patient data remains private and secure.

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Two-way sync document management

Allow lawyers to sign liens, provide case status, approvals for treatment and have it all sync into the patient’s chart automatically.

No need for faxes, emails, or scanning PDFs.

Documents are accessible 24/7

Lawyers and case managers have the flexibility to access your portal at any time, day or night, without the need for prior contact, enabling them to download documents at their convenience.

Documents are accessible 24/7

Improved Collaboration

By using our lawyer portal feature, legal professionals can collaborate more effectively with healthcare providers, improving the quality of patient care. Our portal allows lawyers to communicate securely with healthcare providers and other legal professionals, reducing the risk of errors or miscommunications.

A new way to work awaits you

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Lawyer Portal

The Lawyer Portal is a secure online platform that enables lawyers to access important patient documents and provide legal advice to their clients. It also provides a secure communication channel between the Lawyer and the patient. The Lawyer Portal is integrated with the EMR software so that lawyers can access patient records and make informed decisions about their cases.

The Lawyer Portal allows lawyers to access patient medical records, lab results, radiology images, and other documents necessary to make informed decisions about their cases.

The Lawyer Portal is highly secure and meets all industry standards for data security. All patient data is encrypted and stored on secure servers; access is only granted to authorized users.

Lawyers can access the Lawyer Portal via a secure web portal or mobile app. They must have a valid login and password to access the portal.

No training is required to access the Lawyer Portal. All the necessary information is provided in the user manual.

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