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Simple practice management software

Manage your practice with ease with Ambula’s wide variety of digital tools made for today’s era of healthcare.

Practice Management Software

Managing your practice just got easier

Running a practice or surgery center today is no easy task. Ambula allows you to manage both the surgery center & office all in one place.

Everything you need to manage your practice & surgery center

Ambula’s digital tools let you take care of everything from scheduling, eligibility, reporting and more.

  • Check insurance eligibility in a click

  • Reduce no-shows with automated reminders

  • Create administrative workflows for your employees
  • Create & assign tasks to your employees
  • Generate custom reports on your practice & patients

  • Manage everything for the ASC & Office in one place
Ambula patient engagement mobile version

Online patient scheduling

Allow patients to schedule, reschedule, or cancel their appointments on their own. Manage availability, collect insurance, & more.

Ambula streamlines day-to-day operations by centralizing various administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling, patient record management, billing, and invoicing. This feature reduces manual effort, improves efficiency, and allows healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care.

Ambula Practice management software aids in patient diagnosis and treatment tracking by organizing and presenting relevant medical data in a user-friendly manner. This feature allows health care providers to review patient histories, track progress, and make informed decisions regarding further treatment options.

  1. Practice management software supports healthcare providers in delivering quality patient care by streamlining administrative tasks, improving communication, and providing easy access to patient information. This feature frees up time for medical professionals to focus on building strong patient relationships and providing personalized care.


Centralized document management is a key feature provided by Ambula practice management software. It allows health care providers to store, organize, and manage all their important documents and files in a centralized digital repository. This feature eliminates the need for physical storage and manual paper-based document management, offering numerous benefits to your medical practice.

Ambula offers customizable security access controls, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive patient information. This feature protects patient privacy, complies with data protection regulations, and maintains the confidentiality of medical records.

Practice management software overview

Support for multiple users and permissions is a valuable feature provided by Ambula practice management system that allows medical practices to effectively manage access to the software and control user permissions based on their roles and responsibilities. This feature ensures data security, promotes collaboration and enhances operational efficiency.

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual billing processes. Practice management software automates billing and insurance claims, ensuring accurate submissions and accelerating payment.

Electronic health records (EHR) contain comprehensive patient information, including medical history, test results, medication lists, and allergies. By integrating the medical practice management system with the EHR system, healthcare practices can access and update patient records in a unified and efficient manner.

Take control of your patient scheduling with intuitive features that allow you to book, reschedule, and manage patient appointments effortlessly, reducing no-shows and optimizing your practice’s productivity.

Convenient appointment reminders are a valuable feature provided by practice management software that helps healthcare practices improve patient attendance and reduce no-show rates. This feature automates sending patients reminders about upcoming appointments through various communication channels.

Patient portals are a key feature of patient engagement software that facilitates secure communication between medical institutions and patients. These portals serve as a centralized platform where patients can access their medical information, communicate with their medical institutions, and engage in their healthcare journey.

Practice management software features within Ambula help with the day-to-day operations of a dermatology practice.

Get on top of managing patient records, scheduling appointments, billing and invoicing, and reporting on practice performance.

By utilizing practice management software for patient data management, healthcare providers can store and retrieve patient demographics, medical histories, diagnosis records, and other essential information in a centralized and secure digital platform. This eliminates the risk of misplaced or lost paper files and enables quick and efficient retrieval of patient records when needed.

The practice management software often includes intuitive search and filtering functions, allowing healthcare professionals to locate specific patient records effortlessly. This streamlines administrative tasks and saves valuable time during patient consultations and treatments.

The Ambula medical management software with an automatic medical billing system simplifies insurance verification, coverage management, and insurance claims processing, resulting in reduced errors and ensuring prompt reimbursements.

Labs: EMR software can integrate with laboratory information systems to streamline the ordering and management of lab tests. Results can be transmitted electronically to the EMR for easy review and follow-up.

Practice management software for today’s era of healthcare

Ambula offers powerful self-serve tools that allow you to create your own EMR experience that integrated with your workflow

Electronic Medical Record Icon

Customize your own charts with our form builder. Build consent forms, medical forms, surveys, preference cards, and more.

Healthcare E-Fax

Send & receive electronic faxes from various healthcare organizations.

Clinical workflow and clinical documentation Icon

Task management

Create & assign tasks for various employees to make sure nothing is missed.

Digital Intake forms for surgery centers

Allow patients to fill up their forms before their visit. Sync their forms straight to their chart.

patient scheduling for surgery centers icon

Scheduling just got easier with automated reminders, physician calendar views, and more.

Surgery center ASC EMR connect to office Icon

ASC + Office Connected

Reduce countless of hours faxing and emailing by syncing your ASC with the office in real time.

ASC Reporting Platform for surgery center icon


Create customizable reports on cases, scheduling, demographics, and much more.

Eligibility Software Icon


Easily check for a patients eligibility or batch check them with a simple click.

Workflow software icon

Workflow management

Create you own workflow that is personalized to your surgery center and practice.

Practice management software Specialities

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Acupuncture practice management software 

Plastic surgey practice management software

Physical therapy practice management software

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Practice management software is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and automate various administrative and operational tasks in medical practices. It encompasses patient scheduling, medical billing, clinical task management, and reporting.

Ambula PMS offers numerous benefits, including improved efficiency, enhanced patient care, streamlined billing processes, reduced paperwork, better coordination among staff members, and enhanced profitability.

Yes, Ambula practice management software can seamlessly integrate with most electronic health records. This integration ensures smooth data exchange, eliminates duplicate data entry, and enhances the accuracy and accessibility of patient records.

Absolutely! Ambula Practice management software can be customized to meet the unique needs of various specialty practices, including behavioral health, dermatology, cardiology, and more. The software can adapt to specific workflows and requirements.

Practice management software automates insurance claims, streamlining the submission and tracking of claims. It ensures accurate coding, reduces errors, accelerates reimbursement timelines, and minimizes claim denials.

Yes, practice management software prioritizes the security and confidentiality of patient information. It offers customizable security access levels, encryption protocols, regular data backups, and adherence to HIPAA regulations to ensure data protection.

Absolutely! Practice management software often includes patient portals that enable patients to access their medical records, request appointments, receive reminders, and securely communicate with the practice. This enhances patient engagement and satisfaction.

Reputable practice management software providers offer comprehensive training resources and dedicated customer support. We assist with implementation, provide training materials, and address any technical or functional questions or issues that may arise.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management Software (PMS) are two distinct types of software used in healthcare settings, each serving different purposes. EHRs focus on capturing, storing, and managing patient health information, providing a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history to support clinical decision-making. They facilitate clinical documentation, order entry, and result retrieval. On the other hand, PMS is geared towards managing the administrative and financial aspects of running a healthcare practice. It includes features like appointment scheduling, patient registration, billing, claims management, and revenue cycle management. PMS helps streamline operational workflows and optimize financial processes within the practice. While EHRs primarily serve clinical needs, PMS focuses on efficiently managing the practice’s operations and finances. EHR systems and PMS play essential roles in ensuring quality patient care and the smooth functioning of healthcare practices, albeit with distinct focus areas.

Yes, our practice management software solutions offer mobile applications or web-based interfaces that allow access from smartphones and tablets. This enables health professionals to manage their practice on the go.

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