According to Mordor Intelligence, the ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) market will grow significantly in 2024, with a projected market size of $20 billion [1]. This trend is attributed to the rising demand for improved patient care, streamlined billing processes, and the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the overall market flourishes, a recent report by Definitive Healthcare reveals exciting insights into vendor market share [2]. eClinicalWorks emerges as the frontrunner, capturing an impressive 13.9% share. Epic Systems Corporation follows closely behind with nearly 10%, and Athenahealth rounds out the top three with a 7.5% share. Notably, the top three vendors hold % a combined market share of roughly 31%.

However, KLAS, a healthcare IT research firm, paints a slightly different picture in its “Ambulatory EHR/PM Mindshare 2024” report [3]. Epic and Athenahealth garner the highest mindshare, particularly among independent ambulatory practices. This suggests that brand recognition and user preference are significant in vendor selection alongside market share dominance.

The report also highlights user priorities when choosing an EHR/PM solution. Ease of use, interoperability, product quality, and advanced technology are key decision factors. Interestingly, Greenway Health, NextGen Healthcare, and eClinicalWorks are experiencing a rise in replacements, indicating a shift in user preferences within the market.

The ambulatory EHR market is expected to maintain its upward trajectory, reaching an estimated $26.53 billion by 2029 [1]. Vendor competition will likely intensify as healthcare providers prioritize efficient and interoperable EHR systems. This will benefit healthcare facilities by offering a wider range of solutions tailored to their needs and budget constraints.

Ambula: Designed for Today’s Needs

Ambula is designed with the modern healthcare professional in mind. Our software prioritizes:

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  • Focus on Affordability: Recognizing the budgetary constraints of healthcare facilities, Ambula offers competitive pricing models.

The Future of Ambulatory EHR

The ambulatory EHR market is expected to reach an estimated $26.53 billion by 2029 [1]. As healthcare providers prioritize efficient and interoperable EHR systems, Ambula is well-positioned to play a key role. Our commitment to innovation and user satisfaction positions us as a compelling alternative to established vendors.

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