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EMR for behavioral health

Get more done with less time for your behavioral health practice

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EMR for today’s era of behavioral practices

Ambula offers powerful self-serve tools that allow you to create your own EMR for behavioral experience that integrated with your workflow

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Patient Scheduling

Scheduling got easier with automated reminders, patient booking, custom calendar views, and more.

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Electronic Medical Record

Customize your own charts with our form builder. Build consent forms, medical forms, surveys, preference cards, and more.

Practice Management System

Practice Management

Create a workflow that is personalized to your practice with our workflow builder & practice management platform.

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Report Builder

Unleash the power of your data and generate a report on every piece of data you collect.

Customize your progress notes

Create customizable progress note templates that allow you to document patient visits and track progress over time easily and effectively.

Workflow EMR System
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Medication management

Ambula can help you manage medication lists, track dosage and frequency, and alert you to potential interactions or contraindications.

Automate patient scheduling

Save hours on patient scheduling with Ambula’s intelligent patient booking platform. Provide self-serve booking, manage scheduling, and more.

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Collaborate with other care teams

Facilitate communication and collaboration among practitioners, enabling them to share patient information and work together on treatment plans.

A new way to work awaits you

Schedule a demo with our practice success manager to show you how to save 2 hours a day & boost patient volume.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Do you have a lawyer portal?2022-11-15T01:51:48+00:00

Yes, Ambula provides a lawyer portal that gives you control over what forms to send and to who. You can provide digital forms, consent forms, attachments, and more.

Is Ambula EMR HIPAA compliant & secure?2022-11-11T23:36:02+00:00

Yes, it is! We take security and patient data very seriously. Our platform is encrypted & secured leveraging the most modern technologies.

Can you migrate my data over?2022-08-30T15:32:36+00:00

If your data is digital or scanned documents, we can migrate it. We are able to work with your current EMR or EHR vendor and migrate your data over (free of cost) to Ambula’s EMR platform. If you’re unsure about how your data is structured, give our team a call, we can help.

How much does Ambula EMR cost?2023-03-16T19:12:42+00:00

Ambula EMR is $199 per provider per month. This gives providers & their teams access to all the digital tools they need to run their surgery center or practice. If you would like to get more personalized pricing, reach out!

How long does it take to implement Ambula EMR?2022-08-29T22:46:38+00:00

Getting started to use Ambula EMR is as quick as 10 minutes! We can help build your forms, workflows, and all the support you need to get you away from paper charts into the digital age of healthcare.

Is there a free EMR trial available?2022-08-29T22:40:29+00:00

Yes! We have a 14-day free trial that we can offer. Reach out to our team to get you started.

EMR Specialist

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How does Ambula practice management system help?

Ambula Emr is a comprehensive, web based emr system designed specifically for behavioral health specialist. It offers a range of features to streamline the management of your practice, including appointment scheduling, progress documentation, payment processing. The system also includes a Client Portal, which allows clients to schedule appointments, complete electronic intake forms, and make payments.