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Modern Psychiatry EMR

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When it comes to Psychiatry EMR software for physicians, Ambula Health stands out from the crowd.

Ambula’s EMR software is packed with key features for a Psychiatry medical practice that makes documentation and admin tasks a breeze, saving providers valuable daily time. Allowing psychiatry physicians to create workflows catered to them.

Built for today’s era of psychiatry practice

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Build your patient chart

Create your forms and patient charts. Putting you in control of what patient data you want to collect and how to display patient medical records.

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Build your workflows

Dive into a workflow management solution that allows you to create workflows that reduce redundancy and save your hours.

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Build your reports

Get insights on your psychiatry practice by quickly creating reports on any data in your EMR.

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Built for both the ASC & Office

Ambula is one of the only platforms providing an ASC and Office solution that works together.

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Ease of use

Ambula’s software requires close to no training. It’s intuitive nature makes it simple to use in minutes.

Ambula’s Psychiatry Software features

Ambula’s Psychiatry EMR goes beyond the traditional EMR

Psychiatry EMR software overview

With digital intake, patients can fill out forms and submit their information electronically, eliminating the need for paper forms and manual data entry.

Ambula EMR is designed for nurses and physicians to keep track of their work. Juggling many cases is tough enough, don’t juggle paper charts too. Allow Ambula EMR to guide you through the process, check your work, and make sure you don’t miss any important information.

Ambula EMR allows you to dictate straight into the platform so that it is stored all in one place. Dictate with ease of mind with advanced natural language AI that is built specifically for healthcare providers.

Access a simple and user-friendly interface for scheduling appointments. This includes viewing available slots, booking appointments, and managing psychiatry physicians’ schedules.

Automated appointment reminders can be sent via email and text to reduce missed appointments and improve patient engagement.

Create custom forms for patient needs and psychiatry documentation. This includes intake forms, patient history questionnaires, and more.

Practice management software features within Ambula help with the day-to-day operations of a psychiatry practice.

Get on top of managing patient records, scheduling appointments, billing and invoicing, and reporting on practice performance.

Ambula’s E-Fax allows for secure and efficient transmission of medical, electronic health records, and other documents between healthcare providers, reducing the need for paper records and manual faxing.

E-Prescribe: E-prescribing with Ambula’s EMR is a breeze. Improve patient outcomes and keep track of their medications all in one place. This includes controlled substances for psychiatry clinics.

Labs: EMR software can integrate with laboratory information systems to streamline the ordering and management of lab tests. Results can be transmitted electronically to the EMR for easy review and follow-up.

Practice Management Made Easy

Ambula’s EMR software is designed to streamline workflow management and simplify administrative tasks, allowing healthcare providers to focus on providing quality care.

Advanced Scheduling

Ambula’s advanced scheduling feature simplifies the appointment booking process for patients and healthcare providers.

With customizable templates, real-time availability updates, and automated appointment reminders, scheduling appointments becomes a breeze, saving healthcare providers valuable time and effort.

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Real-time eligibility

Ambula’s eligibility feature allows healthcare providers to check patients’ insurance eligibility in real time.

Avoid costly claim denials and rejections and minimize the time and effort spent on medical billing services and claims management.

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Ambula’s reporting feature provides healthcare providers with robust analytics and insights to help optimize operational performance.

With advanced reporting capabilities, healthcare providers can easily identify trends, monitor outcomes, and measure your psychiatry practice’s performance over time.

What do physicians say about Ambula EMR?

Surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses love using Ambula EMR for their orthopedic surgical centers because it simplifies the process.

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“We have been using Ambula EMR for over a year now and are very happy with the software. We use it as the EHR for the surgery center. It works great and fulfills our charting/EHR needs. The software is intuitive and easy to use/user-friendly. The support team is great.”

-Nitesh P.

Surgeon, Los Angeles

Grow with Ambula Health

Ambula Health’s psychiatry EMR software provides multi-branch support, allowing clinics with multiple locations to manage their patient health records and operations across all areas in one system.

Ambula Health’s EMR software provides psychiatry practices with API access, allowing clinics to integrate Ambula’s EMR with other systems they use, such as laboratory information systems, electronic medical records software, imaging systems, and more.

This feature allows for seamless data exchange and ensures that all patient information is accessible in one place.

Ambula Health understands that each psychiatry clinic is unique, so we offer custom solutions to each practice’s specific needs.

Our team works closely with each clinic to identify areas for improvement and create custom solutions that help clinics provide better patient satisfaction and seamless practice management.

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Psychiatry EMR Software FAQs

Ambula provides a smooth and seamless transition process, with dedicated support staff available to help with implementation and training.

Our team works closely with each practice to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Ambula can integrate with other systems, such as laboratory information, electronic health records software, and medical imaging systems.

This allows for seamless integration and data exchange and ensures that all patient information is accessible in one place. This also includes any practice management software data.

Yes, Ambula provides customizable templates for documentation, procedure reports, admin forms, patient consent forms, patient intake forms, medical billing forms, and more.

Ambula is a reliable medical platform with robust security features to protect patient data.

It complies with HIPAA regulations and uses advanced encryption and authentication measures to ensure patient information is secure in our emr software solution.

You can integrate an e-prescribe and a lab solution into Ambula’s psychiatry EMR software.

Ambula can integrate with other systems, such as laboratory information, electronic health records software, and medical imaging systems.

This allows for seamless integration and data exchange and ensures that all patient information is accessible in one place. This also includes any practice management software data.

Ambula ensures that all team members using the psychiatry EHR software will be proficient.

Ambula provides world-class support for all healthcare facilities and healthcare organizations that use Ambula EMR. Get email, text, and chat support included in your plan.

Ambula offers cloud-based emr software solutions for all their specialties, including psychiatry specialists.

A better way to work awaits you