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Falcon dialysis ehr

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History of the Company

DaVita is a company that specializes in providing healthcare solutions for patients with chronic kidney disease and dialysis. Over the years, they have committed themselves to help nephrology healthcare providers and their patients, offering innovative software and patient care solutions. One such tool is the Falcon Silver EHR software, a product designed specifically for nephrology practices, dialysis clinics, and DaVita dialysis centers.

Falcon ehr

Features Overview

The Falcon Silver EHR software has a clear focus on serving the unique challenges and complex conditions faced by nephrologists in their clinics and dialysis centers. Some of the noteworthy features include lab data management, fully integrated management tools, dialysis scheduling, and cloud-based EMR software. The interface of Falcon Silver EHR is fairly simple and easy to use, allowing healthcare professionals to access the latest lab results, manage patient’s fluid values, and monitor other complications.

Falcon electronic health record technology is designed to work flawlessly with modern technology such as innovative mobile apps and personal devices. Falcon EHR software also seamlessly integrates with DaVita’s intranet, giving healthcare providers access to important information, resources, and teammate policies. The software has e-prescription (e-Rx) capabilities, which allows healthcare professionals to instantly submit orders for medications.

Falcon Silver EHR software integrates with DaVita Physician Solutions, ensuring healthcare providers can easily access clinical data related to their patients’ treatment. The Falcon Dialysis software allows providers to access the Falcon Dialysis login, schedule dialysis treatments, and manage their patients’ fluid values. The software is also capable of working with non-DaVita network facilities, such as independent dialysis clinics, for a more extensive reach across the nephrology healthcare community.


  • Some of the pros of Falcon Silver EHR software are its ability to seamlessly integrate with other DaVita services, like Physician Solutions and DaVita Kidney Care. Its lab data management features ensure that healthcare providers can easily access and use the most recent lab results, making for better clinical decisions and patient outcomes. Monthly financial reporting is another great feature of Falcon Silver EHR, allowing practices to monitor and adjust their operations as needed.


  • While there are numerous advantages to using Falcon Silver EHR software, one possible drawback is that its primary focus is nephrology. Thus, healthcare providers who do not exclusively specialize in kidney care may find the system too niche for their broader needs. There is also limited information available online about the software’s EMR software rating, and more reviews by users would be helpful to gain a better understanding of the software’s performance.


While the exact pricing for the Falcon Silver EHR software is not publicly available, it is generally considered to be competitive with other specialty-specific electronic medical records software systems like Epic EHR Software. Interested parties can contact DaVita directly to get a personalized quote based on their unique requirements and practice size.

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Falcon Silver EHR software by DaVita is a powerful tool for nephrology healthcare providers and their patients. With its comprehensive suite of features and a simple user interface, it is an excellent option for dialysis clinics and DaVita dialysis centers looking for a cloud-based, specialty-specific electronic medical records system. With a free demo and customizable templates, healthcare professionals can tailor the software to their practice and begin improving patient care and streamlining operations. As an essential part of DaVita’s mission to provide exceptional kidney care, the Falcon Silver EHR software stands out in the medical community as a valuable solution for nephrology practices and dialysis clinics.