Create your own patient charting experience

Ambula let’s you build your own patient charting experiences using a simple, yet powerful form

form builder

Ambula offers powerful self-serve tools that allow you to

document what you want to, how you want to

Easy Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Our drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy for healthcare providers to create customized forms without coding or technical expertise. Select the fields you want to include, and drag them into place. It’s that easy!

Form Builder

Connect data from other forms

Ambula’s form builder allows you to leverage data from one forms and populate it into other forms.

Save hours a day from inputting redundant data such as medications, allergies, and other medical history.

Create advanced workflows, logic & conditions

Layer in workflows, logic and condition into any form so that it can fit how you want to document information.

Create templates within forms, linear workflows, and much more.

Workflow EMR System
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World Class Support

Ambula provides world class support for all their healthcare partners to ensure they are successful. We will guide you with the best practices on how to build your own forms, workflows and reports.

A new way to work awaits you

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Form Builder

The Form Builder feature lets you quickly and easily create custom forms for your EMR software. You can design forms from scratch or use our pre-made templates to speed up the process. With the Form Builder, you can customize the look and feel of your forms and the various options available to your patients. You can also add custom fields, such as checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdown menus, to make your forms even more useful.

To create a form with the Form Builder, choose the form template you want to use and customize it to meet your needs. You can add, edit, and delete fields, change the layout, colors, and more. Once you’re satisfied with your form, click “Save” to save it and make it available to your patients.

With the Form Builder, you can create virtually any type of form you need. This includes patient intake forms, patient surveys, consent forms, medical history forms, followup forms, and more.

Yes, you can make changes to your forms after youve saved them. Simply open the form in the Form Builder and make the necessary changes. Once youre done, clickSave to save the new version of the form.

No, there is no limit to the number of forms you can create with the Form Builder. You can create as many forms as you need for your EMR software.

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