• What does a patient experience mean?
  • What does patient satisfaction mean?
  • What are the differences between the two?
  • Why is it important to learn the difference?

To explain how the patient experience is different from patient satisfaction, we start with the definitions. , patient satisfaction pertains to the measure of care quality in a balanced manner. The patient’s personal and emotional experience relates to the patient’s perception of the care. Let’s dive more deeply into the subject.

What does a patient experience mean?

Firstly, what is patient experience? Before we answer: How is the patient experience different from patient satisfaction? Let’s start with a definition.

By definition, the patient experience is the resulting effect of the interaction between a patient and a healthcare system. What does this interaction include? Namely, physical tests, several healthcare facilities, how the medical staff act and health plans result. Most importantly, quality of care is the most prominent aspect of a patient’s experience. Is the patient getting what they expect?

1- Are they receiving on-time appointments?

2- Are they getting the means for easy contact with healthcare providers?

3- Do they have easy access to important information?

4- Can patients receive tools for feedback so you can understand their experience?

5- Is patient survey software available for patients’ needs predictions and repairing shortcomings and defects in the system?

What does patient satisfaction mean?

Okay, now that we understand patient experience, what does patient satisfaction mean? And why is patient satisfaction important? Is the patient experience different from patient satisfaction? Let’s start by defining patient satisfaction.

Patient satisfaction relates to whether the patient’s expectations are met compared to payment. Two patients can have the same patient experience but different satisfaction levels. Truth is, the difference relies on expectations. Although looking at improving patient satisfaction from a scientific point of view is hard, it remains highly important. To sum up, here’s how you can have a satisfied patient:

How can you have a satisfied patient

1- Offer personalized service by tracking previous feedback

2- Invest time in educating your patient

3- Maintain the premises and tools and so on clean all-day

4- Use a patient satisfaction survey software to get the level of your patient’s satisfaction

5- Make sure your patient can reach out easily with their opinions to the involved parties

What are the differences between the two?

How is the patient experience different from patient satisfaction? Practically, the aspects of difference between patient satisfaction in hospitals and other facilities and patient experience come in points:

1- Patient satisfaction is more commercial

It is more focused on getting more patients for the practice. On the other hand, the patient experience is focused on the patient themselves as part of the practice. For example, how much did the patient benefit? Was it affordable? Accessible?

2- Patient satisfaction is more general

It covers several groups of patients. For instance, one patient satisfaction survey can offer a general perspective on a patient’s satisfaction with a medical or surgical center. Namely, the atmosphere of the center and the perks offered. However, the patient experience is personalized. It is specific to individuals and includes anonymous feedback from each patient. Consequently, helping with the understanding of the expectations.

3- Patient satisfaction is technical

It covers things from food to cleanliness and other not-so-critical factors. Whereas patient experience is wider and more holistic considering non-technical aspects of services. For example, safety and high-quality care, the environment in a hospital, communication, interaction, etc.

Why is it important to learn the difference?

Evidently, Why is it important to learn the difference? Healthcare workers can give higher value to patient experience in healthcare. Initially, the latter improves patient experience and quality in hospitals and clinics. But patient satisfaction is equally important and should not be dismissed.

Understanding the difference can balance the patient care experience. The healthcare environment is more consumer-focused. Patients spend a lot of their money on this sector. Leaders everywhere compete to draw attention and seek patient satisfaction.

Reduce pain as much as possible

Furthermore, having a patient experience manager alone is insufficient to grow and maintain the market share. This difference is essential because there are more choices out there. Therefore, the comparison is crucial in consumers making their decisions. Every practice is in strongly needs to live up to the expectations to pursue and maintain clients. In conclusion, the target is to reduce pain as much as possible. The usage of both patient satisfaction and experience in an interchangeable manner leads to imprecision in care efforts. Thus, using them properly will help reduce aimless efforts.

Seek increasing patient satisfaction levels

Finally, you need to learn how to improve patient experience and patient satisfaction in healthcare. This is the base for seek increased patient satisfaction levels, and the same goes for patient experience. Before you learn how it is most basic to know the difference between the two. Your market share awaits you now that you know how to please a patient.

For more tricks on patient satisfaction and experience improvement, call the Ambula Healthcare team: at (818) 308-4108! And now, check out How real time data can improve patient care

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