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History of the Company

NOSH ChartingSystem, an initiative of Michael Chen, M.D., is a renowned Electronic Health Records (EHR) name. The name NOSH stands for New Open Source Health, aptly representing its vision to bring revolution to the medical world by leveraging the potential of open-source systems. The mission behind NOSH EMR was to create a user-friendly, flexible electronic health record system that is not of the constant limitations generally associated with other electronic health record systems.

NOSH ChartingSystem, having been installed once, is known to provide an innovative electronic health system that can revolutionize how medical providers handle their patient data. Its primary function is digitizing medical records, reducing health care costs, improving efficiency, and enhancing patient care. Let’s look closely at some of this software’s standout features.

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Features Overview

With Leveraging robust encryption algorithms, NOSH ensures the privacy and security of all patient medical records. This is especially crucial in the healthcare industry, where safeguarding patient information is not just ethically important but also mandated by laws such as HIPAA.

This system conveniently stores all data about patient encounters. It holds records of vital signs, physical examination findings, and previous healthcare interactions. This detailed information takes healthcare system management to a new level.

The crux of NOSH ChartingSystem revolves around its open-source nature. This aspect encourages a community-based approach to problem-solving, thus ensuring the software is constantly updated and improved.

With NOSH EMR, one can be assured of an effective alert system that can keep track of all the package dependencies, web server configuration files, scheduled task commands, and cron files.

NOSH offers a patient portal that bridges the gap between health care providers and patients. Patients can easily access their medical records through this portal, fostering transparency and trust.

Understanding the ubiquity of mobile devices, NOSH introduced a new mobile-friendly version. This enhances user convenience and ensures accessibility at any given time from anywhere.


  • NOSH presents various advantages, including its seamless operation on server systems or as standalone computer systems, complying with network connection standards of trusted internet service providers. One can install NOSH ChartingSystem using an installation script on Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux PPA’s, Docker NOSH, or via a Vagrant virtual machine. The system works efficiently with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.


  • Despite its low-cost and user-friendly nature, the NOSH charting system has a slight learning curve and might require a fair bit of adjustment and grasping before it can be used adeptly. The user interface, although rich in features, might come across as slightly complicated for beginners.

Room for Improvement?

While NOSH EMR brings a great deal of value to healthcare providers with its extensive features and open-source nature, it does have room for improvement. Firstly, while rich in features, the user interface could be more intuitive and user-friendly. Reducing the learning curve by providing comprehensive training materials, online tutorials, and strong customer support could significantly improve the user experience. Next, integrating NOSH with other existing systems and medical devices can be further enhanced to ensure seamless functionality in a modern medical practice environment.

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NOSH EMR is a valuable asset for any healthcare provider. It helps streamline patient data management and improves workflow efficiency by eliminating the need for paper copies of medical records. Using open-source projects like this can offer equal opportunity to every healthcare provider, irrespective of size or scale. As such, it can upgrade from the previous method of keeping physical records to a more digitized, cost-effective, and innovative care system. NOSH EMR is an exciting, new, open-source health software that can change the landscape of electronic medical record systems. However, a thorough understanding of how the software functions is necessary before switching to NOSH or any other EMR software to ensure it aligns with the applicant’s work processes.