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Every healthcare practice is unique, with its own set of processes and workflows. Ambula’s Workflow builder feature lets you create custom workflows that meet the specific needs of your practice or surgery center, so you can save time, reduce errors, and improve patient care.

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Ambula offers powerful self-serve tools that allow you to create your own EMR experience that integrated with your workflow

Customize Workflows to Fit Your Practice

Create and customize workflows that meet the specific needs of your practice or surgery center.

Whether you’re creating a workflow for patient onboarding, referrals, patient intake, surgical workflows, Ambula gives you the tools to create a workflow that’s tailored to how you want to provide care.

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Attach forms to any workflow

Add medical consents, checklists, intake forms, medical history forms, dictation notes, and so much more to your workflows.

Create in-depth forms with our form builder tool and sync them up with your workflow

Improve Patient Care

Improve patient care by streamlining processes and reducing errors. By automating tasks and reducing the risk of manual errors, Ambula helps ensure patients receive the care they need when needed.

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Real-Time Visibility

Track the progress of your workflows in real time with our Workflow Customization feature’s comprehensive dashboard. See which tasks are completed, in progress, and which require attention. Plus, with the ability to receive notifications when tasks are completed, you can stay up-to-date and informed.

A new way to work awaits you

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the work flow builder

A workflow builder is a tool that enables users to create automated processes and tasks in a visual, userfriendly interface for use with electronic health records (EHRs). It helps users create, manage, and monitor workflows and tasks, allowing them to quickly and easily automate various processes.

A workflow builder works by allowing users to create a visual representation of their workflow, which is then translated into a set of rules and tasks by the workflow builder for use with EHRs. This enables users to create automated processes quickly and easily, without having to write complex code.

The main benefit of using a workflow builder is that it allows users to quickly and easily automate processes and tasks related to EHRs, without having to write complex code. Additionally, it allows users to easily design and manage their workflows and tasks, making them more efficient and organized.

A workflow builder can be used to automate a variety of tasks related to EHRs, such as document generation, data entry, notifications, and more.

Yes, there may be some limitations depending on the workflow builder you are using. For example, some workflow builders may not support certain actions or tasks related to EHRs, so it is important to check the features and limitations of the specific EHRs you are using.

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