As health and wellness professionals, they are managing a private practice while providing exceptional care for your clients can be challenging. Balancing client communication, booking appointments, handling insurance billing, and maintaining a well-organized practice can quickly become overwhelming. SimplePractice EHR (Electronic Health Record) offers a comprehensive suite of tools, making it easier for professionals to run their businesses more efficiently. In this blog post, we’ll do an in-depth review of SimplePractice, highlighting its key features, user-friendliness, pricing plans, customer support, and much more.

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1. Online Appointment Scheduling and Booking

SimplePractice incorporates an online scheduling and booking system that is easy to use for both practitioners and clients. To set up this feature, just add your availability and customize your appointment types, durations, and locations (in-office or online). Once your scheduling preferences are set up, you can display your calendar on your website or provide a booking link to your clients. This feature eliminates the need for back-and-forth phone calls, allowing you to focus on providing quality care. Additionally, online appointment scheduling can increase appointment requests and client satisfaction.

2. Client Portal

The client portal is an essential feature of SimplePractice as it is a central hub for all client-related information and communication. Through the client portal, clients can access and complete intake forms, securely message you, view upcoming appointments, and even pay their session fees. Clients can also access resources you share, such as homework assignments and educational materials. The customizable portal allows you to create a branded experience that matches your practice’s identity.

3. Insurance Billing

Insurance billing can be a complicated and time-consuming process for healthcare providers. SimplePractice simplifies this task by offering an integrated insurance billing system that allows you to create, submit, and track insurance claims directly through the platform. You can also store clients’ insurance information and import billing data from external sources, such as CMS-1500 claim forms. With SimplePractice’s insurance billing feature, you can reduce administrative tasks and spend more time caring for your clients.

4. Appointment Reminders

Isn’t it frustrating when clients forget their appointments, leaving gaps in your schedule? SimplePractice has just the solution for you: free automated appointment reminders! No more worrying about no-shows or struggling to retain clients. And guess what? You can customize everything, from when the reminders go out (1 day or 2 hours before an appointment–it’s up to you!) to how they’re sent (email, text message, or phone call). Plus, you can also tailor the reminder templates to match your practice’s unique style. So, why not try it and let SimplePractice help you create a more seamless and cohesive brand experience for your clients?

5. Practice Management Tools

SimplePractice equips private practitioners with an arsenal of tools to help manage their businesses effectively. Some of the most notable practice management tools include:

– Secure document storage: Keep your practice’s files organized and accessible with this built-in storage system.
– Custom forms and templates: Create and store your assessment forms, treatment plans, and progress notes. Customize these templates to fit your practice’s unique needs.
– Billing and expense tracking: Streamline your financial operations with automated invoicing, expense tracking, and payment processing features.
– Reporting and Analytics: Access valuable insights on your practice, such as income trends, referral sources, and client demographics, to make informed decisions about your business.

6. Telehealth Feature

Telehealth has become increasingly popular – and necessary – in recent years. SimplePractice simplifies remote care by offering an integrated telehealth platform that supports secure, HIPAA-compliant video sessions. The platform helps you provide exceptional care to clients who may not have access to in-person appointments due to geographical limitations, physical disabilities, or health concerns. Telehealth can also attract new clients who prefer the convenience of virtual sessions.

7. Messaging System

Strong and open communication between you, the practitioner, and your clients is key to building a thriving healthcare practice. That’s why SimplePractice designed its messaging system with you in mind! With this tool at your disposal, you can swiftly and securely send messages while having confidence in its HIPAA-compliant environment.

Instead of struggling to balance maintaining a professional image and staying easily accessible to your clients, let SimplePractice’s messaging system bridge that gap for you. Experience the convenience of instantly exchanging messages while building trust and nurturing your professional relationships. Your clients will undoubtedly appreciate the effort, and you’ll see a positive impact on your practice!

User Friendliness

SimplePractice scores highly in user-friendliness for its intuitively designed platform. The clean interface, comprising distinct yet straightforward icons and navigation, makes using SimplePractice a breeze for even the most technologically challenged practitioners. Additionally, the platform offers step-by-step guidance and pop-up tips during the initial setup process, ensuring that users become comfortable and proficient with its features quickly.

Pricing Plans

SimplePractice offers two primary pricing plans: The Essential Plan, starting at $39 per month, and the Plus Plan, starting at $59 per month.

The Essential Plan includes core features like calendar management, appointment reminders, messaging, secure document storage, insurance billing, and basic reporting. This plan is ideal for solo practitioners who require a foundational set of tools for managing their practices.

The Plus Plan builds on the Essential Plan by adding features such as online appointment requests, group practice management tools, enhanced messaging, auto-pay for clients, and advanced reporting. This plan suits larger practices or those requiring more advanced features to manage their business effectively.

It’s worth noting that SimplePractice offers a 30-day free trial for potential users to explore the platform, with no commitment required.

Customer Support

SimplePractice understands the importance of efficient customer support and offers a range of support options to meet practitioners’ needs. The Help Center and email support provide valuable resources for resolving common issues and queries, while the live chat feature (available for Plus Plan users) connects users with support staff in real time for more complex matters. The only downside to SimplePractice’s customer support is the lack of phone support, although their responsive chat and email support compensate for this limitation.

Healthcare Providers’ Perspective

Positive testimonials from a wide range of healthcare professionals highlight the benefits of using SimplePractice. Features such as reduced paperwork, improved client communication, streamlined administrative processes, and the ability to access the platform from various devices make SimplePractice a popular choice for many practitioners. From solo providers to larger group practices, the general consensus is that SimplePractice improves overall practice efficiency and enhances the client experience.


SimplePractice’s comprehensive feature set, user-friendly platform, and competitive pricing plans make it an excellent choice for health and wellness professionals seeking a practice management solution. While it isn’t perfect (e.g., lack of phone support), SimplePractice’s combination of tools and resources can certainly help streamline administrative tasks and improve client communication, allowing providers to focus on delivering quality care.

If you’re interested in exploring SimplePractice further, sign up for a personalized demo or take advantage of their 30-day free trial to see if it’s the right fit for your health and wellness practice.

Published On: June 22nd, 2023Categories: Healthcare EMR Software

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