• Everything you need to know about EMRs
  • Do ASCs require EMRs?
  • What to look for in an EMR?
  • What is the benefit of an EMR to ASCs?
  • How Ambula provides world-class ASC EMRs

When you learn what ASC EMR requirements are, you can make a wise choice for your future EMR. First, it is helpful to know how ASC EMRs differ from other EMRs.

  • ASC EMRs are different.

They focus more on workflows and patient documentation from the pre-operative to the post-operative process.

  • There is no funding for ASC EMRs.

There are no federal or state incentives for providers and ASCs to adopt an EMR.

  • Few EMR systems are present in ASCs.

Not many ASCs actually adopt EMR systems due to the fact that there are very few systems that are actually built for them.

  • Low interoperability so far.

There is a lack of connection from other systems makes it difficult to connect patient data seamlessly.

Everything you need to know about EMRs

Ambula is focused on delivering what are ASC EMR requirements. For that, we need to start right from the beginning. An EMR system or electronic medical record is the digital form of all the data you find in a paper chart. So, it includes doctor’s notes, lab results, allergies, immunization dates, medications, diagnoses, and medical history.

Furthermore, an EMR is an online medical record of the typical clinical and medical information from a provider’s office. Providers use EMRs to treat and diagnose patients. We can mention accurate and comprehensive clinical documentation of patients’ tests, medical history, treatment, and diagnosis. All of these ensure the required care inside the provider’s clinic.

Additionally, all private and public healthcare providers should demonstrate meaningful use of EMRs to achieve:

  1. The maintenance of security and privacy of patient health data
  2. The improvement of public health and care coordination
  3. The engagement of families and patients
  4. Improve the quality of care with a reduction of health disparities and efficiency

Do ASCs require EMRs?

Truth is, in 2009, the usage of EMRs became mandatory through the HITECH Act. Therefore, all healthcare providers needed EMRs. Furthermore, the ARRA, American Recovery, and Reinvestment Act state that opting for EMRs is a requirement. This aims to incentivize and funding healthcare professionals when they use EMRs.

What to look for in an ASC EMR?

When you buy an EMR for your ASC, you want to choose the one meeting your unique ASC requirements. This means a design customized for your ASC that differs from a hospital or office setting. First off, your EMR doesn’t have to be as comprehensive. Check out the steps you need to go through when choosing the best EMR for your ASC:

1- Choose a cloud-based EMR: Gone are the days of EMR applications and EMR systems installed on your desktop. Provide care on the go with a cloud-based EMR.

2- Research: match your needs with the specific features you will buy. All vendors want to see, so you must inquire about the best fit.

3- Request a reference list: ask the vendor for the reference of urgent care centers.

4- Search the offers for support: what does the vendor offer as support?

5- Ask yourself: does the EMR system interface with your practice?

6- Preloaded notes usage: make sure the preloaded information within the system works for your clinic.

7- Ask for the billing package

8- Ask the vendor if they offer training

9- Prepare the team for adoption

What are EMRs’ benefits to ASCs?

Here’s what you need to know about the many benefits EMR brings to ASCs:

1- Boost quality outcomes and patient safety: EMR technology supports ASCs to achieve high-quality care and patient safety. For example, it offers clinical data revealing outcomes and trends to help centers improve qualitatively. Moreover, EMRs allow standard processes to aim at a consistent workflow.

2- Enhance profitability: Secondly, EMRs give access to statistics allowing ASCs to execute detailed case analyses and cost better. Furthermore, they help identify benchmark data and patterns. More than that, they maximize the scheduling of surgeons, patients, staff, rooms, anesthesia personnel…

3- Minimizing costs: Thirdly, if you lead a successful ASC, you can reduce costs without compromising care. This is why you need to transition from paper to EMR. These will save you the costs of paper purchase, copying and assembling patient charts, records retrieval, and storage.

4- Better OR efficiency: Fourthly, EMRs play an essential role in obtaining better efficiency within an ASC. Of course, this includes the operating room. EMRs have features supporting the automatic capturing of vitals and other values.

EMRs improve patient, staff, and physician satisfaction while ensuring compliance and mitigating risk. Nowadays, all healthcare organizations are seeking EMR; how about you enter the competition and update your practice?

Contact the Ambula Healthcare team for more information about the subject: (818) 308-4108! And now, discover what is medical billing and coding in ASC?

EMR for today’s era of healthcare

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