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  • What are the main features of EMRs?
  • Why is EMR valuable?
  • Examples of free EMRs
  • The disadvantages of free EMRs
  • The best solution for you

When on the hunt for the best free EMR systems and what works best for you, we’ll take a look at what the market has to offer. Initially, if you want to run a medical practice successfully, you need effective patient care. In fact, the importance of electronic medical records is clear. EMRs are a digital form of paper charts and will help you get that result. Because you’ll be able to keep treatment and medical history, you’ll become more organized. So, would you like to improve the quality of your care? Without further ado, check out EMR solutions.

What are the main features of EMRs?

Basically, if you’re searching for the best free EMR systems and what works best for you, you need to know this. Here’s what EMRs have to offer you:

  • First, systems and interface integration: on-demand and real-time integration happen through interfaces that push and pull information among systems. Billing systems and hospital information systems are two points of integration.
  • Second, scanning documents: this allows you to change workflows to your needs.
  • Tracking of medication: a tool that detects allergic reactions and maintains patients’ safety. Also, it can suggest options meeting patients’ needs.
  • Third, E-prescribing gives you the capability of writing prescriptions. Besides providing a secure portal for prescriptions.
  • Fourth, reminders for appointments: enhances connectivity by sending appointments reminders.
  • Fifth, supporting marketing: creates an overall view of the client base with the output of performance. Easily, you can report and access data on clinic marketing while learning the outcomes

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Why is EMR valuable?

Naturally, the best free EMR systems and what works best for you will help patients, clinics, and doctors. Here’s how:

For patients:

  • It allows making decisions based on evidence
  • Reduces patient errors
  • Improves patient care
  • Boosts security and privacy of data
  • Identifies patients due for screenings and preventive visits
  • Gives access to patient’s records to see medications
  • Following up
  • Improves treatment, health diagnosis, and quality of care

For clinics:

  • Better coding and documentation
  • Offers reminders and clinical alerts
  • Analyzes and gathers data
  • Scalable and customizable electronic records
  • Tracks electronic messaging to hospitals, staff, clinicians, and labs
  • Improves examining and researching for better clinical quality
  • Interfaces easily with pharmacies, hospitals, labs, and state health systems

For doctors:

  • Receive instant alerts
  • Around-the-clock support from any location
  • Easy and quick access to data
  • Improves patients management
  • Generates of paperless reports
  • Manages compliance
  • Enhances collaboration and communication

Examples of free EMRs

Are you looking for the best free EMR systems and what works best for you? We prepared some examples:


OpenMRS stands out as a vibrant community of healthcare providers, experts, and volunteers committed to improving healthcare services globally. This web-based medical software is open source and serves as one of the best free EHR systems you can find. This platform promotes secure patient data management with its electronic medical records software. Unlike other providers, OpenMRS offers robust security technologies, including password authentication, ensuring the highest level of patient data protection.


OpenEMR is another free EMR software that’s highly customizable. With OpenEMR, healthcare facilities ranging from simple medical practices to complex healthcare services like nursing homes can enjoy improved efficiencies in their day-to-day operations. In addition to its EMR system, OpenEMR offers many features, such as e-prescribing, insurance eligibility verification, and lab integration.

OneTouch EMR

Designed by physicians, OneTouch EMR emphasizes simplicity, speed, and patient care. Its user-friendly interface makes it easier for new users to adapt. This free electronic medical records software comes cloud-based and features a patient portal and unlimited support. While there is a paid version, the free version offers all the necessary features for efficient medical practice management, making it an exceptional free EMR for medical professionals.


NOSH (New Open Source Health) sets a high bar in open-source EMR software, offering an intuitive patient-centered design. This EMR system stands out with its lab results and treatment plan recording capabilities, patient chart management, and patient acquisition tools. Additionally, the platform offers free support to all users. By eradicating illegible handwriting, medical reports are clearer and patient care is more closely monitored, improving patient experience.

Solismed EMR

Solismed combines various services, making it a perfect match for any healthcare provider seeking a versatile, multifunctional solution. This electronic medical records (EMR) platform integrates a practice management system in its framework. The web-based software ensures secure patient information management and boasts comprehensive medical billing functionalities for added convenience.


Utilized by countless medical practices worldwide, FreeMED brings forth remarkable capabilities such as “meaningful use” certified EMR, patient scheduling, billing modules, and practice fusion among other professionals’ endearing features. Integrated with medical marketing tools, FreeMED aids healthcare establishments in patient acquisition and overall growth.

DoliMed EMR

Closing our list of best free EMR systems is DoliMed—a resourceful free EMR software designed for medical practices. DoliMed EMR makes customization options available to its users, which means the software can be customized based on individual practice needs. Putting aside its free use, it can also be upgraded to a paid version for those after more in-depth tools.

The disadvantages of free EMRs

Although open-source EMR systems might sound free, you’ll still need to buy them. So, infrastructure, hardware, support, implementation, and maintenance are still on you.

Consequently, here are some additional cons for choosing open source EMRs:

In terms of collaboration and access: Firstly, it is true that you can download an EMR easily. Yet it’s different regarding implementation, especially with open source EMRs. You don’t have a team to help and advise, and you would still need to hire a vendor.

Plus, the community of healthcare software when it comes to free EMRs is not significant. Thus, you’ll be short of technical skills.

Clinical decision support and development: Open-source solutions are bad with interface aesthetics. So, that’s why you might miss buttons, good layouts, and fonts. Also, they are not sophisticated regarding clinical decision support options.

The best solution for you

Choosing the right electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) software is vital to any health care organization. While the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”, it doesn’t necessarily apply here—free EMR and EHR systems offer quality care, improved efficiencies, and secured patient data management. They can serve as an important tool in your facility’s arsenal, ensuring the best care for patients.

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