What is an orthopaedic ambulatory surgery center?

Ambulatory surgery centers or orthopaedic ambulatory surgery centers more specifically have transformed the outpatient experience for millions of people in the U.S. by giving them a more convenient option for many types of procedures. What is an orthopaedic ambulatory surgery center and what does an ambulatory surgery center do? Read on!

What do orthopedic surgeons do?

First things first, before we answer your question: what is an orthopaedic ambulatory surgery center? Let’s discuss what orthopedic care is and what do orthopedic surgeons do?

Well, orthopedics is the study of bones, joints, and muscles. Orthopedists are MDs who work with patients to treat orthopedic issues. For example, broken ankles or knees can result from accidents. They use x-rays as well as other imaging techniques for diagnosis.

Orthopedic doctors can perform surgery to fix bone breaks and other orthopedically-related conditions. In the United States, they’re known as “Ortho Peds”.

What is orthopedic?

Now, when it comes to an orthopaedic ambulatory surgery center, it’s essential to know what orthopedics stands for. Mainly, orthopedic is the branch of medicine that studies, diagnoses, and treats injuries to bones. A major focus in orthopedic treatment is fractures. These can be caused by traumatic force or disease like arthritis when there’s too much inflammation pinning down partway through their repair process. This will lead to preventing full healing due to scar tissue buildup around it forming fibrous bands called osteoid strands.

Orthopedics and EMR:

Namely, orthopedics and electronic medical records are two fields that often go hand in hand. Orthopedic surgeries can be performed on patients with hip, knee, or shoulder issues using digital x-rays.

The doctor has instant access to information about their health without having long wait times for studies back home while they’re still actively doing therapy at night during off hours – saving money by reducing unnecessary visits out of office hours which would require another surgeon if not done remotely!

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What is an orthopaedic ambulatory surgery center?

Are you wondering about what an orthopaedic ambulatory surgery center or what does an orthopaedic ambulatory surgery center does? In a nutshell, these centers are modern medical facilities that provide outpatient surgery. For instance, procedures that may have once required a hospital stay are now often performed on an outpatient basis.

If you need an operation to treat your ACL or carpal tunnel syndrome, for example, you’ll likely be in and out on the same day! Therefore, your case can be treated at an ambulatory surgery center. However, more serious cases where there are higher rates of postoperative complications after surgeries, might require an overnight stay and therefore are not considered outpatient procedures.

Advantages of an orthopaedic ambulatory surgery center!

Care to know what an orthopaedic ambulatory surgery center offers you? Here’s everything you need to know!

  • Lower infection rate:

    Orthopaedic ASCs typically have a lower infection rate than hospitals for common hospital-acquired infections. And that’s because orthopedic ambulatory surgery centers only host patients who are having orthopedic surgery and who are relatively healthy.

  • Efficiency:

    The staff at an Orthopaedic ASC are highly trained to care for orthopedic patients and have all of the required equipment and instrumentation. Hence, this greatly decreases the turnover time needed between surgeries so that the surgical schedule runs much more smoothly and efficiently.

  • Lower cost:

    The cost of running a 24/7, full-service hospital with ICU, full food service, physicians, security, etc. compared to an ASC that runs normally for 8-10 hours a day, with no inpatient services and discharges every patient each day, is typically lower. Consequently, the cost of orthopedic surgery at an ASC is typically half that of a surgery performed at a hospital.

  • Recovery at home

     It’s believed that recovery at home is always better, and we couldn’t agree more! As long as the patient is doing well after surgery, they can be discharged and transitioned safely to their own home, and recover more comfortably than they could in a hospital setting.  

  • Prevention from COVID-19:

    While every medical facility is carefully doing its part to lessen patient exposure to the Coronavirus, exposure can and does happen. Thus, an advantage that an ASC has is that it does not treat people who are sick with COVID-19, because ASCs do not have Emergency Rooms. Having said that, at orthopedic ambulatory surgery centers patients are safer on that front, compared to hospital

Finally, with so many different options for orthopedic ambulatory surgery centers, how can you decide which one is right for your needs? Contact the Ambula healthcare team to get help. We have a wide range of experience and knowledge about these facilities and we would be happy to answer any questions or concerns that may come up as you explore this area on your own. Contact us: (818) 308-4108. And now discover Ambulatory surgery center vs Outpatient hospital!

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